Timelapse Filming

timelapse filming

Stag Video is one of the UK’s leading time-lapse film companies, providing fully managed time-lapse filming in any location for any duration from a few hours to several years.

Stag specialise in large construction time-lapse films. We know that undertaking a construction job comes with many concerns, we want to make sure that when you bring us on board we provide a worry free service that gives you exceptional quality film at the end of the project.

Our clients enjoy access to a full archive of pictures, a time-stamped thumbnail refreshed every few minutes, multiple off-site backups, and broadcast-quality footage delivered in any required format; even our pricing is simple and straightforward with no hidden extras.

All this is thanks to our custom designed equipment, experienced engineers, electricians and photographers, which makes Stag Video the best time-lapse filming company in the UK.

Take a look at our Time-Lapse Examples