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Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

So what are Explainer videos? Explainer videos are an exploding trend in the world of video production, and they do exactly that – explain! No matter how complicated or dry the subject matter, a well scripted, succinct and well-designed explainer video can only help to provide the viewer with all of the information they need to take the necessary action required, whether to buy your product, understand complex information or show them how to do something, then this is the video you need.

We use only the best quality award winning voice over artists and graphic artists to make sure the explainer video you want ticks every box.

Website Videos

The landing page of your website is one of the very best places for a punchy, engaging and relevant chunk of video content, which sums up the key reasons why the end user should continue to browse your site and purchase your product or service. Having invested time and money in getting your digital marketing strategy to the point where potential customers are flooding to your site, the last thing you want is to bore them with reams of complicated copy and generic images. A well-designed and focused landing page video will provide a much more enriching overall website experience and a far greater likelihood that your visitors will stick around to find out more.

Online Marketing Videos

As one of the fastest growing promotional mediums in history, web video has quickly become an essential ingredient for the success of any promotional website. Scorch London’s experience in producing hundreds of web videos for and extraordinarily diverse bunch of clients gives us a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t when producing captivating video content online. Whether on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, we understand what your customers will watch, how long they will watch for, and also what will make them switch off!

Infographic Videos

One of the latest buzzwords to have emerged from web 2.0, infographics are everywhere. In terms of clarity of information and the ability to visualize cold, hard facts quickly and simply, there is no better technique than a perfectly designed infographic animation. With our motion design background, we understand how colour, typography, icons and imagery can be used in harmony to tell a compelling story through the use of relevant statistics and facts. From quirky to straight-laced, our designers know exactly how to match the tone of the information for maximum impact and viewer retention.

Voiceover-led Explainer Videos

The use of a well-written and beautifully read voiceover can help to articulate even the most complicated of subjects, and make it truly accessible for the viewer. With the added layer of information that a voiceover provides, means that the content on screen can be lighter and less copy-heavy, with a greater focus on imagery and stripped down key words. An underscore of music compliments the voiceover and onscreen content to add to the flow and atmosphere of the video.

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