proof-readingWe’ve all been there: the most simple spelling mistake or grammatical error jumps off the page and bites you… ten minutes after you’ve posted it online or printed 1,000 copies! Don’t let that happen with our proof-reading service.

Here at Stag Communications, we are now offering a new proof-reading service to help you avoid this time-consuming and economical inconvenience. Our team, who have a joint experience of over 25 years in media and PR, will check anything from a single sign to a 20 page report.

Our team offer a service which is confidential, reliable and affordable; we don’t believe that proof-reading has to be expensive and offer quotes starting at just £10. We will identify any typos or grammatical errors in your signs, reports, press releases, letters, leaflets, flyers or any other documents that need to be published or sent to print.

No matter your business, if you have marketing materials that need producing, there is something we can do for you. Feel free to get in contact via phone or email to find out how we can help

Here are some examples of our favourite grammatical errors.

You can even follow the very keen Apostrophe police on Twitter. These beady eyed individuals are always looking out for those errors that proof-reading would solve!

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