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The launch of a new council house development in Creswell has marked the start of a four-year partnership between our client Woodhead Group and Bolsover District Council.

The four year programme will not only deliver more than 100 high quality, energy efficient homes, over four years but will also enable Woodhead to deliver greater social value and impact for the local community.

Apprentice opportunities and the provision of a long term training and work experience programme along with partnership working with schools will be delivered for the life of the programme. The first phase of developments has already been drawn up and includes 32 dwellings spread over five sites.

In addition to the PR support we are providing for the marketing team at Woodhead, they were also keen for us to showcase the impact that the work experience programme is having locally, to demonstrate the organisations commitment to skills development and inspire young people to consider roles in the construction industry.

To do this we suggested a series of visits to site to meet with the students and produce some short video interviews to capture the thoughts and experiences of the trainees on site.

During our first visit to the Bolsover site, we met with site manager Bob Chadwick and Ben Clark, one of the work experience students. We heard first hand why it’s so important for young people looking to get into the industry to get practical experience on a construction site.

Bad news is good news

Bad news is good news

We all love hearing about a scandal. Bad news is good news to any media organisation.

Whether it’s a hair in someone’s main course, or a rat infestation on the local housing estate; as readers, listeners and viewers, we love it. Those on the receiving end of such disastrous events of course, not so much.

You can never take your reputation for granted – that five star review, the award for best customer service, the glowing reference from a critic…they can all be made insignificant by one bit of bad press.

So what happens when your reputation is on the brink of crashing and burning? You need someone who knows how to deal with reactive PR.. Your bad news fairy godmothers let’s say!

One thing you learn very early on working in public relations: ”No comment” is a no-go! You may as well hang a big fat ‘guilty’ sign around your neck.

Fess up, get over it, explain your position and ensure the media and your customers know you’re doing everything you can to correct the situation. But you don’t have to do it alone, this is what your PR team is for!

When the chips are down, it’s sometimes hard to get your head around addressing a situation head-on and admitting your mistakes. But take heed, listen to your PR professional’s advice, and tell the truth.You may be today’s headlines, but an honest and transparent approach, could easily ensure you’re tomorrow’s chip paper (cue the old school reference, don’t guess our age!).

Stag Communications Help NCH

Stag Communications

Nottingham City Homes awards outstanding tenants with help from Stag Communications

Every year Nottingham City Homes (NCH) celebrates Nottingham’s shining stars at a glittering Tenant Awards ceremony held in Nottingham.

The awards, which are open to NCH’s 28,000 tenants and leaseholders, recognise the people who go the extra mile for their local community and act as good neighbours, as well as community groups that have made a difference to their area.

This year NCH asked Stag to help them thank and recognise their tenants at the awards by filming a series of emotive case studies, highlighting each nominated tenant and organisation.

We spent a few weeks out and about with the tenant involvement teams meeting with each of the nominees and finding out why each of them had been nominated.

In addition we met with colleagues, friends and families to get a wider understanding of the role each person plays in their local community and convey why they deserved to be nominated.

The resulting videos showcased the good work and projects undertaken in the city and demonstrated the significant contribution that each individual made to the lives of the people in their community. Awards on the night recognised a variety of categories include green initiatives, community events, good neighbour award and sporting achievements.

Stag Communications produced branded videos for each of the 11 award categories which were utilised by Nottingham City Homes on the night as part of the awards ceremony. In addition the videos were shared across all social media channels to raise awareness of the event and to support PR and marketing activities.

The videos also provided our PR team with additional material to share with the media after the event to gain further recognition for both the awards and the award winning tenants, leaseholders and community organisations.

apostrophe catastrophe – the rules.


So what gets us PR folks’ knickers in a twist? Of course I could name a few… But one of the biggest bug bears has to be grammatical errors. More specificity, the incorrect use of an apostrophe. *Grits teeth*

More often than not the proper use of the apostrophe is sadly neglected, stowed away in the shiny punctuation closet along with many other common symbols which fall victim to the punctuation abusers amongst us.

Warning. The misuse of apostrophes results in sore eyes.

Rather than insult your intelligence and assume you’re not all grammar geniuses, we’ll go with assuming we are novices – I suggest a kind reminder of the golden rules of apostrophe usage could be helpful here.

Rule 1. Plural? More than one? Surely you use an apostrophe… NO!
The most frequent of mistakes – the apostrophe is a cheeky devil. It is ‘Apples’ NOT ‘Apple’s’.

This has to be my biggest pet peeve.. Just because it ends in an ‘S’ doesn’t mean it needs an apostrophe! If you don’t have the licence to correctly use a ‘, please save our eyes from the sore mistake!

Rule 2. Indicating a possession? Go for it, use an apostrophe.

Rule 3. It’s okay to relax and shorten words; an apostrophe is often the gem which allows you to do so. ‘Can’t, don’t, wouldn’t’ – straightforward examples of contractions. Great. And then we have ‘it’s’. Again a great way to abbreviate ‘it is’ or ‘it has’. However, this appears to confuse many…

YES abbreviate, sometimes whack on a ‘ , BUT please do not use it to indicate possession. ‘Spain is known for it’s great beaches’. No. It is not. Clare Hitchings, director of stag communications and co-founder of @ApostrophePC shares a classic example of this common apostrophe fail.

Seriously?! Oops. This is not good for a business’ reputation surely! I wonder whether great taste is on it way after this is spotted!

Follow Clare and @ApostrophePC on their mission, share some grammar fails and join the pledge to protect the apostrophe.

And no… We will not join you for ‘Dunkin Doughnut’s’ after this read. ‘Dunkin Doughnuts’ ? Then maybe it’s a date.

PR, is public relations about being the bridesmaid?


PR folk – always the bridesmaid?

It’s been a busy few weeks at Stag and an unusual few too! We’ve had to talk about ourselves for a change!

With the Nottingham Post Business Awards application drawing to a close and the process of tendering underway, we have had the chance to reflect on our own business and recognise what it is we actually do. As a PR agency we spend all of our time promoting and supporting other businesses, so it’s been a bit of a cathartic process to go through.

But it’s left us pondering the question: Do PR professionals spend too much time managing the profiles of others at the expense of their own? It’s a bit like the mechanic that works on the luxury cars and forgets to fix up his old banger!

Not many people know what it is we actually do in PR. You often find your grandmother telling people you work in advertising or your auntie suggesting you’re a bit like Max Clifford!

It’s simple really – we generally spend our time working our butts off to tight deadlines, with heavy workloads to make sure our clients look their best. We’re also the ‘go-to’ when your reputation has crashed and burned.

But what about us? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?!

However you run your business, whatever the reality, without the handy work of PRs worldwide, businesses probably wouldn’t be viewed in the way they are. We keep the unwanted secrets hidden and tell the stories that make our clients look great.

It’s always a tad awkward ‘bigging yourself up’, no one really likes to do it. Ever read your CV or a personal statement back? Cringe. But being forced to say a few good words about yourself for a change can’t be a negative thing, surely?

We’ve come to realise we’re not too bad at doing it for others so maybe we should have a go at doing it for ourselves. Wow that sounded like a compliment! Maybe that’s a start.

Calling all PR folk – do a bit of what you do for others, for yourself!

Christmas Radio Gets you Festive

Christmas RadioWe are lucky enough to be surrounded by very talented people. One of which we want to spend a minute talking about.

Guy Harris, a UK based voice over has built his career over the past decade or more being one of the most flexible and consistent voice overs in the UK. Whilst we love all the voices and characters Guy voices. One of the most fun and enjoyable is Santa. He is consistently the Santa Voice on Radio 1, Radio 2, Television and Radio all over the world.

So when Guy created Santa Radio, we waited to see what it would be like. And we loved it, it really is the most compelling Christmas Radio Station we know of.

Not only do you get all the Christmas Hits, there is a real feeling of fun when you listen. Guy has also developed a raft of apps that go with Santa Radio to make it (one year in) one of the most listened to Christmas Radio Stations on the web.

There are so many ways you can listen. Tunein being one of them, you can click the image below to listen.

Christmas Radio





Available on every platform you can think of. Click on the the Apple Appstore logo below to take you Santa Radio to download for your device.

Christmas Radio




Also, what about android?

Christmas Radio

Click above to download for your Android device.

Christmas Radio - Santa Radio - Amazon

Click above and download to your Amazon Fire device.

We’ve developed some amazing apps for Christmas. Click here to see what else we created. Loads of great content for young family members.

This Christmas please tune in and listen. We are confident you’ll love what we came up with. We welcome your suggestions how we can enhance the experience. Please get in touch, via the official Santa Radio website. 

Check out the website and read more about the best Christmas Radio Station on the internet. For enquiries to have the official Voice of Santa on your product, show or brand this Christmas, check out this page. Please do get in touch via the contact page for more details.

Nottingham’s council houses

Council HousesWe invited Notts TV to join the team at Nottingham City Homes to find out about the launch of a book called Homes and Places, covering the history of Nottingham’s council houses.

For the last decade Nottingham City Homes (NCH) has been responsible for managing council houses across the city.

As part of the events planned to mark its tenth anniversary, NCH has chosen to take a reflective look at council housing across the city by launching the first ever book of its kind.The book, which is now available to buy from Waterstones and Fives Leaves Bookshop priced £9.99, includes personal stories and memories from some of the city’s residents as well as photographs and planning documentation dating back as far as the 1800s.

Through the launch of the book, Nottingham City Homes aims to record the endeavours of those who have contributed to providing homes for Nottingham’s residents over the years. Covering key events which have impacted on housing including post-war rebuilding, high rise developments and Right to Buy.

Notts TV interviewed NCH tenant Anne Dean, author Chris Matthews and Dan Lucas from Nottingham City Homes who undertook research for the book and provided editorial support. Watch the Notts TV’s coverage below.

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